Concerning Natural Language Processing (NLP) researh topic, currently the group is working in DeepEMR project (TIN2017-87548-C2-1-R) "Clinical information extraction using deep learning and big data techniques" devoted to applied deep learning methods to process unstructured data from Electronic Health Records (EHR) in collaboration with Hospital Universitario Fundación Alcorcón (HUFA). Besides, the group has research experience in competitive projects related to human language technologies and their application to biomedical domain. Some of this projects are ISSE (FIT-350300-2007-75) focused on semantic interoperabiliy in electronic healthcare,  MULTIMEDICA project (TIN2010-20644-C03-01) whose objective was to develop information extraction techniques over scientific and informative texts about healht and biomedical literature, clinical narrative and health-related documents and TrendMiner  project (FP7-ICT 287863) that addressed named entity recognition and relation extraction techniques from social media focused on drug and adverse effect in Spanish. 

Related to Accessibility, we have a long experience in multimodal and multiplatform user interfaces design adopting Model-Based User Interface Development (MBUID) that allows the definition of abstract interfaces in designing phase and provide a solution space facing the interfaces complexity in applications usage taking into account users diversity. This experience has been developed in eGovernability project (TIN2014-52665-C2-2-R). In this project we researched in accessible user interfaces in electronic public administration.