HULAT at the "Emprende & Innova" day at UC3M

HULAT at the "Emprende & Innova" day at UC3M

Talk (April 4th), "Natural Language Processing (NLP) for structuring complex biomedical texts: progress and remaining challenges" with Karin Verspoor

Katin Verspoor will present recent studies with graph kernels and neural methods for relation extraction from the biomedical literature, present empirical work on core supporting tasks such as syntactic analysis of these texts, and discuss open challenges for work in this direction and beyond.

Doctoral Thesis Defense by Jose Luis Jimenez

Lectura de Tesis doctoral de Jose Luis Jimenez Doctoral Thesis Defense by Jose Luis Jimenez in HULAT research group (03/15/2019).

Visiting Researcher at HULAT

Karin Vespoor photo Karin Verspoor is a visiting researcher in our group, she is a Professor in the School of Computing and Information Systems at the University of Melbourne (Australia). Her research is on applications of natural language processing in the biomedical domain, to enable knowledge extraction from unstructured data as well as to provide clinical decision support. She recently travelled with Homeward Bound #TeamHB3 to Antarctica, which was a journey of discovery, both externally and internally. She is passionate about supporting Women in STEMM, and strongly believes that #DiversityMatters, especially when it comes to tackling the world’s biggest challenges.

Karin Verspoor keynote at T3chFest 2019

Next Thursday, March 14 at 4:30 pm Karin Verspoor will give a talk at T3chFest 2019 entitled "A Programmer, Penguins, and a Posse of female scientists".

MeaningCloud talk in T3chFest

Next Friday, 15th march at 12:30, MeaningCloud gives the talk "NLP for Small Data" within T3chFest at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid.

Article in Information Sciences Journal

New article from HULAT research group in Information Sciences journal (Elsevier editorial. Impact Factor: 4,305. Q1).


Proyecto del Grupo HULAT ganador de la ayuda "tecnologías accesibles" de Indra y Fundación Universia

El proyecto EASIER del Grupo HULAT ha sido seleccionado por Indra y la Fundación Universia del Banco Santander entre los tres ganadores de sus últimas ayudas a proyectos de investigación en tecnologías accesibles.

Grupo HULAT organiza Seminario “Cross-linguality and machine translation without bilingual data”

El grupo HULAT y el Instituto UC3M-Banco Santander de Big Data Financiero (IFiBiD) organizan al seminario “Cross-linguality and machine translation without bilingual data” por Eneko Agirre Bengoa, Profesor de la Universidad del País Vasco y miembro del grupo de investigación “IXA Natural Language Processing.

Paloma Martínez participa en el Infoday en el SEPLN2018

Paloma Martínez como ponente Paloma Martínez participa en el Infoday sobre Actuaciones del Plan de Impulso de las Tecnologías del Lenguaje en Sanidad, promovido por la Secretaría de Estado para el Avance Digital y